Piwigo Features

Piwigo offers a wide set of features for any photo gallery. Here comes the main list. This is not the final list because Piwigo is getting new features years after years, depending on coding team ideas and discussions with the users community.

Upload your photos

You can add photos with the web form or applications like iPhoto, Lightroom, digiKam, Shotwell, Aperture and also from iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows Phone.

Organize with Albums

Distribute your photos among your own albums. The albums tree has unlimited depth. Each photo can belong to several albums.

Describe with Tags

Offer your visitors another way to browse your photos, starting from the tags cloud and using multiple related tags to reduce the selection.

Browse by Dates

Digital cameras store the date in the photo and Piwigo uses this date to display your photo collection in a calendar and let you browse from day to day.

Privacy on your Photos

Make your photos private and decide who can see each of them. You can set permissions on categories and photos, for groups or individual users.

Themes and Plugins

Change appearance with themes. Add features with plugins. Extensions require just a few clicks to get activated.

A Great Place For Your Visitors

Your visitors can post comments, give ratings, mark photos as favorite, perform searches and get notified of news by email or RSS feed.

Piwigo in your Language

Piwigo is available in 55+ languages. In a single gallery, you can describe photos in several languages. Translators are also collaborating with plugin creators.

Statistics and Management Tools

Administrators can browse history, process photos in batch mode, validate comments and user photos or add permalinks.

And also...

  • automatic slideshow
  • use of EXIF/IPTC metadata to fill photo properties such as title and tags
  • browse photos in a map with RV Maps & Earth plugin
  • a web API to perform actions from other applications
  • display thumbnails in a WordPress blog with PiwigoPress or PiwigoMedia
  • meaningful URLs including tag/album/photo names for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • predefined photo sets such as best rated, most seen, random or most recent
  • ability to combine browsing methods: display all photos tagged "James" + "Carol" taken in September 2013
  • ability to add HTML pages with Additional Pages plugin
  • easy installation and upgrades
  • advanced techniques to filter SPAM
  • many configuration settings to make Piwigo fit your own need